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Now Available Sublingual Immunotherapy.  Needleless Allergy Treatments (allergy shots with out a shot)





Food Allergy Treatment is Now Possible

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New Patient Forms

Click here to get new patient forms


Download the form and fill out.  After filling out the form, on the first page there is a button that says click to print. (click on it). A box will pop up and you will have 2 choices. 

  • Choice 1- if you have a desk top email like outlook, click this choice, then OK a email will be produced.
  • Choice 2- If you use a internet email (google, yahoo, AOL ect....), click on choice 2 and then OK. Then name your file (you are saving it) then attach the file to a email to us.

You can also save the form, print it and bring it in with you.


Why fill out the form?

  • This form is designed to stimulate your memory and to help form a very concise and complete history.
  • A complete history is the most important step in diagnosis and treatment.
  • Filling out the form prior to the appointment, in the convenience of your home, will save you time.

Medication List

If you plan on being allergy tested or think you may need allergy tests, these medications must be avoided.  Do not stop any medications unless you know you can tolerate being with out them.

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